There is a road

There is a road I drive many evenings between a friend's house and mine

Hometown Underwear: Quimper Merc Ain’t Hip, But It’s Ours

As Port Townsend began to re-open this month, folks rushed out to the barbers, the bars and restaurants.  But maybe not to...

Brion Toss: Once in Ten Thousand Years

It started late last week when my husband and I saw the news about a young graduate student who had solved a...

Kelley Watson’s PT Crew Is Outward Bound

Like countless graduates everywhere, Port Townsend’s commencement this week is liable to be laced with maritime clichés.  They will be setting sail,...

Far from the centers of power

Around the country, right now, millions of people are protesting. The conditions of their lives dictate that they put themselves, their friends,...

Screen Binging? Not Me. No Way

I never thought I could binge out streaming videos, but one rainy day changed that. I know it's happening out there. Home-bound...

The PTeRider Story:

“The town is full of FIPS,” I said when we got to the part in the tour about what kind of people...

Planting Trees Will Help Reduce Carbon, But You Have To Do It Right

By Dan Chasen. (This article originally appeared in Post Alley). Arbor Day, the nearly-150-year-old holiday on which people plant trees, was earlier...

Rhodys in the woods

Photographer Al Bergstein took a walk in Cappy's Trails in May. The Rhody's were out in full bloom.


Senior City: How Old Are We?

By Dan Klepinger and Ross Anderson. You’ve probably noticed that Port Townsend and Jefferson County...

On The Couch: The Gray Fox returns

Editor's note: This week, we start running movie reviews by local reviewer, Kirk Boxleitner. Kirk was a reviewer for the Port Townsend...

So Long, Pygmy Kayaks

More than three decades ago, when guys like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were building technology companies that would change the world,...

Treading Water: PT’s Nonprofits and the Virus

By Ross Anderson When the state closed down for the pandemic, the staff of the Port Townsend Marine Science...

Kathy Francis: Nothing Matters But the People

By Bob Francis A disciple told Confucius one day that he was thinking of moving and asked for his advice....