The New Supreme Court

Cartoon above by Karen Sullivan. The Democrats should have a chance of beating Republicans in many states, with a newly fired up base because...


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Science & Environment

Becoming a Citizen Scientist

Citizen scientists brave a hailstorm. Photo by Wendy Feltham. After a career as an elementary school principal, I moved to Port Townsend and surprised myself...

Beautiful Banded Brant

River Otters

Most Read

The lost commencement address by Tom Robbins

Photo of Tom Robbins by Dan Wallen. Used with permission of University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections MPH1272 When I was the editor of the...

The New Supreme Court

So Long, Pygmy Kayaks

Update: Protection Island

On the Water - On the Hard

On the Hard: Catalyst

From Classic Yachts to Fish Packers: Their Stories Catalyst and the Beautiful Wild Country             Catalyst departed Port Townsend on May 5th to begin her mid-May...

A Boating Conundrum


Warming climate is already changing the Olympic Peninsula’s birds

By Steve Hampton The world of birds is on the move, and that includes the Olympic Peninsula. We now have hummingbirds in winter and scrub-jays...

Birds on the Beach

Birds In Flight

Musings & Memoirs

Shavings in my brassiere #5

ANOTHER USE FOR IT I worked for a fella many years ago who had a small sailboat and a small budget.  It needed a lot of...


America’s Guidebooks: The Way We Were

Eighty years ago this fall, the state Historical Society published “Washington: A Guide to the Evergreen State.”  At 700 pages and some 250,000 words,...

50 Years of Sawdust and Varnish

Tamanowas Rock

Fort Núñez Gaona

Art & Music

Brazilian music in our “little village”

Some years back a Brazilian musical friend stated "we are amazed to find our music here so far from home in your little village."...

Goodbye to winter Part 1

Home & Garden

Staying ahead of myself

it is now mid-spring and I am in a familiar dilemma: staying ahead of myself. Gardening is a reciprocal relationship, I do...


Infinite Tenderness – Chapter 2

In the first part of Infinite Tenderness to appear in Rainshadow Journal, you met Hershel Prall, who was looking for his son Landon on...


Pandemic Predictions

More than a year and a half into the pandemic, the transition back to normalcy has been tragically upended by a combination of the...

Love in the Time of Covid

The Back of the Herd