Garth Hudson’s PT Performance Remembered

Ten years ago this month Port Townsend music fans were all atwitter about an appearance by Garth Hudson, a key member of the revered...


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SuperNatural BC? Do Not Enter

The B.C. provincial government has greeted spring with a stern order to those who would recreate in “Beautiful British Columbia”:  Stay home. With a...

Love in the Time of Covid

The Back of the Herd


Love in the Time of Covid

March 15, 2020, message from the Port Townsend School District: We are looking forward to seeing students at school on Monday so teachers and students can...

Porgy and Bess now

On the Hard

Boys – and Girls – In the Boat

Port Townsend’s Legacy of Wooden Rowing Shells In 1998 the phone rang at the Cupola House, then home of the Wooden Boat Foundation, and was...

A Boating Conundrum


50 Years of Sawdust and Varnish

Port Townsend's Marine Trades By Ernie Baird with an introduction by Ross Anderson. Photos by Joel Rogers. When Ernie Baird first found his way to Port...

Tamanowas Rock

Fort Núñez Gaona


Insects on the Peninsula: Part 2

In the second of a three-part series on Olympic Peninsula insects, we’ll look at some flies, a sawfly, a wasp, a few bees, and...

Birds In Flight

Seeing Seaweed – Part 2


Senior City: Why Should We Care?

By Ross Anderson OK boomers.  Take a look at what we’ve done to our adopted home. A generation ago, Port Townsend was a nice, waterfront town...