When “I Speak for the Trees” Means the Climate, Too.

Our Pacific Northwest forests can help reduce climate disruption.


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Science & Environment

Becoming a Citizen Scientist

Citizen scientists brave a hailstorm. Photo by Wendy Feltham. After a career as an elementary school principal, I moved to Port Townsend and surprised myself...

Beautiful Banded Brant

River Otters

Musings & Memoirs

Diana Talley – Shavings in my brassiere #2

ABSENTIA I left something behind at a fancy hotel... in absentia.  Many years ago an old girlfriend was having a passionate, extremely private affair with a...

On the Water - On the Hard

Boys – and Girls – In the Boat

Port Townsend’s Legacy of Wooden Rowing Shells In 1998 the phone rang at the Cupola House, then home of the Wooden Boat Foundation, and was...

A Boating Conundrum


Songbirds of Port Townsend

With the spring "dawn chorus" in full swing, we thought it would be appropriate to rerun local photographer and Land Trust Natural History Society...

Birds on the Beach

Birds In Flight


America’s Guidebooks: The Way We Were

Eighty years ago this fall, the state Historical Society published “Washington: A Guide to the Evergreen State.”  At 700 pages and some 250,000 words,...

50 Years of Sawdust and Varnish

Tamanowas Rock

Fort Núñez Gaona

Art & Music

Brazilian music in our “little village”

Some years back a Brazilian musical friend stated "we are amazed to find our music here so far from home in your little village."...

Goodbye to winter Part 1

Home & Garden

Staying ahead of myself

it is now mid-spring and I am in a familiar dilemma: staying ahead of myself. Gardening is a reciprocal relationship, I do...


Pandemic Predictions

More than a year and a half into the pandemic, the transition back to normalcy has been tragically upended by a combination of the...

Love in the Time of Covid

The Back of the Herd