The 2021 Shipwrights’ Regatta: Maximum Fun

photo above by Joel Rogers Most Washingtonians recognize that February is a winter month, and that the weather can go from calm to gale-force and...


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Mr White on On the Hard: Pelican
Brandt Faatz on On the Hard: Pelican
Tom Magwire on On the Hard: Pelican
Dave Benham on On the Hard: Pelican
Jim Maupin on On the Hard: Pelican


The Value of Humor in Navigating Dire Straits

Being neither an early bird nor a night owl but more of an exhausted pigeon, I have come to realize that no, we’re not...


It’s Easy Being Green — Even After Death

  Leslie Jocelyn Aickin   1947 ~ 20??   “She loved the Earth, and now the earth is loving her right back.”   Feature photo...

Porgy and Bess now

There is a road

On the Hard

On the Hard: Pelican

From Classic Yachts to Fish Packers: Their Stories Pelican: In the World of Wooden Boats The one-time research vessel Pelican was hauled out at Port Townsend's...

On the Hard: Sea Lass


50 Years of Sawdust and Varnish

Port Townsend's Marine Trades By Ernie Baird with an introduction by Ross Anderson. Photos by Joel Rogers. When Ernie Baird first found his way to Port...

Tamanowas Rock

Fort Núñez Gaona


Birds In Flight

This Rufous Hummingbird visits our garden every summer and perches on the same treetop. Then he migrates on, as far south as Mexico. Watching birds,...

Seeing Seaweed – Part 2

Seeing Seaweed

Rhodys in the woods


Senior City: Why Should We Care?

By Ross Anderson OK boomers.  Take a look at what we’ve done to our adopted home. A generation ago, Port Townsend was a nice, waterfront town...