Mark Clemens

Designer, writer, editor, teacher and spokesperson over the years, Mark Clemens came to Port Townsend in 2010. His stories and poems have appeared in The North American Review, Gray’s Sporting Journal and Mountain Gazette. His first novel, Infinite Tenderness, is now in search of a publisher. He has also written a screenplay about two young sisters running a small-town newspaper in the depths of the Depression.


The lost commencement address by Tom Robbins

Photo of Tom Robbins by Dan Wallen. Used with permission of University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections MPH1272 When I was the editor of the...

On the Hard: Catalyst

From Classic Yachts to Fish Packers: Their Stories Catalyst and the Beautiful Wild Country             Catalyst departed Port Townsend on May 5th to begin her mid-May...

River Otters

Was that a sea otter or a river otter you just saw swimming offshore? People often think they see sea otters foraging on our...

So Long, Pygmy Kayaks

More than three decades ago, when guys like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were building technology companies that would change the world, another Ivy...

Diana Talley – Shavings in my brassiere

I met the unsinkable Diana Talley many years ago. It was at a party of wooden boat people. Diana has been a foundational person...