Rainshadow is back. But where have we been? Let’s say that it is easy to start a production such as this, but it’s very difficult to sustain it. We have a stable of really talented successful writers, but the needs of operations are very different from writing articles. My goal is to find writers who want to produce quality articles related to our beautiful place in the world. Articles you want to read. And that’s why I decided to take on this role.

We are not the local news. They serve the purpose of ‘who,what,when, where, why and how?’ We want to be the analysis behind the story. Also essays by local writers about our place and what makes it special.

We will be asking for your input and your contributions in donations to keep this site alive. We want to pay our writers and our staff. You need to give us your feedback. Your love or your critique.

I’m looking to find serious pieces, fun pieces, stories of the history of our place, who lives here and why. We are a place of sailing, rowing, wooden boat building, arts and fine crafts like woodworking, pottery and metalwork. We are a center for music. Outside we fish, clam, log, hike, and so, so much more. We are a place of writers as well. Beyond the headlines of Rhody Run, Wooden Boat, Fiddle Tunes and Centrum, and all the other events that make this place special, there are people and the reasons they call this place home. But we are also a place of poverty, homelessness, drug abuse and people struggling every single day to stay fed and housed. If we can illuminate all that, we will be successful.

You want to know more than the headlines. We are going to provide you with the context. You can help by telling us what you want us to do stories about. Maybe write some yourselves. Or just read our journal and give us a donation if you like what we are doing.

Enjoy the new post by one of our favorite writers, Karen Sullivan to start us off.

It was almost exactly a year ago that Ross Anderson, Carl Berger, Doug McClennan and I launched this site. We had lots of writing support from many writers and photographers you can find on our back blog posts here. Huge thanks for their heroic work to keep this going over the last year. To all the writers who have supported this online journal with their work, thanks! Hope to see more work in the future!

Sign up to receive our posts if you haven’t already. Thank you for reading The Rainshadow Journal. We are back.

Al Bergstein


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