My Abortion

Of course I got pregnant the first time I did it.  So young, I knew nothing about sex nor what it might bring to my life.

Once my mother found out, I was completely left out of any discussion.  Never was I asked what I wanted to do or told what my options were.

She was strong and decisive; a hard right, evangelical Christian and righteously anti-abortion.  But she made a call to someone who knew someone.

I was told to start telling my school chums that I’d be vacationing in Mexico for spring break, for that was where she and I were headed.

And then, just like that, I had a miscarriage.

A watershed moment, I fully learned about hypocrisy.  But I also embraced a different kind of faith.

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Diana Talley has been around wooden boats since the 1970s in Sausalito. She is a shipwright by trade. She has built sailboats, fished along the Pacific Coast, and moved to Port Townsend in 1990, creating Taku Marine, a boat repair service she ran with her late partner Rick Petrykowski until the mid 2010s. Now retired, she still lives in Port Townsend.


  1. This reads like a poem. So beautiful. Would you be willing to say more about the different kind of faith? I am thinking not religious. Ignore if this is too personal. -Naomi

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