Boat Midwifery

(In honor of the launching of the Western Flyer, we thought this appropriate as the next installment of Diana’s wonderful tales. – The Editor)

Sailors are thought to be superstitious.  I prefer to think we are courteous and respectful to unseen powers, cautiously hedging our bets with the unknowable.  

Sailing on the ocean, one can easily come to believe there are higher powers, beyond the winds and waves, watching over us, keeping us safe.

Legend has it, whenever a new boat is launched, gifts to these gods must be made.  Appropriate alcohol must be delivered to the boat and to the water, but also a wreath of flowers or greens.  This wreath must stay on the boat (no matter how long), until the vessel leaves the shelter of the harbor.  Upon such time, it must be cast into the sea as an offering to the Goddess of Safe Harbors. Never wanting to test this legend’s veracity, I’ve worked diligently as a boat midwife, just in case


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