Sag Harbor

Unable to find our size and styles of brassieres in Port Townsend, Kashmira and I started a yearly tradition. We’d meet in downtown Seattle, hit all the good stores until we found exactly what we wanted, then choose a great restaurant for lunch. It was always a happy mother/daughter outing.

Wearing the same size, I’d cruise the aisles picking leopard, zebra, red, black, purple… Handing them in to her for her consideration, I was always met with, “MOM! Those aren’t my style! “

In truth, most of my choices really looked like a very bad upholstered couch, but they gave me a giggle. I always bought them.

One year we had just finished our purchases. Walking towards the exit I ran straight into a clothing display for Sag Harbor.

“Kashmira! Can you believe this? Who would name a line of women’s clothing Sag Harbor? Hahahahahahaha!!!”

She perceptibly tensed, being kinder than I.

A saleswoman appeared and explained how respected the line of clothing was.

“Hahahahahahaha!!! I’ve just spent the better part of an hour standing in front of a full length mirror, naked from the waist up. Hahahahahaha!!! What an unfortunate brand name choice for a woman’s line of clothing.”

We’ve gone shopping together since, but I’ve promised to be more restrained.



  1. Greetings from land locked Pennsylvania. I stumbled on your story through a YouTube video on woman boatbuilders in Port Townsend…a place I have only visited once so far. Thanks for being who you are.

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