While drinking away a sunny day with friends, the discovery by Wanda of a new barbeque joint was welcomed news, even if it is a long drive away.

Real BBQ in Silverdale!

There are not a lot of good reasons to go to Silverdale. Medical Appointments for specialties not handled here, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Total Wine & More, but now… a really good BBQ has been found. Danny’s! They have been around for a few years, but are located in a place a non-Silverback might not be aware of, being *north* on Silverdale Way NE (the main North South through Silverdale) and you have to go past Home Depot and under 303 about 1 mile north and on the left, in a non-descript office park.

It opens at 11AM (closes at 7) and usually has a bunch of people waiting to get in. You can call ahead with your order. Their BBQ is fabulous, really as close to Texas style that we are going to get here in the PNW. Meat includes Brisket, Pulled Pork, Chicken and Baby Back Ribs. Sides include Texas Toast. Texas Baked Beans. Sandwiches named, “The Bomb”, “The Brick” and a TNT Burrito with 1.5 pounds of beef, bacon and a hot link on it! They also have a pulled pork quesadilla. Better yet, they even sell by the pound so you don’t have to eat it there or take home soggy hamburger buns. The Mac & Cheese is a little odd, though, with BBQ chicken in it, a bit of surprise when you first take a taste. Not sure it’s something we’d order again. However, Wanda loves the brisket.

Danny’s BBQ & Catering – Texas Style Barbeque in Silverdale WA (silverdalebbq.com)

While in Silverdale – Another gem!

So while Wanda dropped off their better half at a morning doctor appointment, they searched for a real restaurant instead of just going to fast food or Starbucks. While driving south to the end of Silverdale, Wanda made a left on NW Byron St (the last light going south in town) and drove two blocks when they saw a small sign for a restaurant. Monica’s Waterfront Bakery and Café.

Monica’s is a very small place, with a few tables inside and out. They open 7AM to 5PM except Saturday when they open at 8. (they are closed Sundays). Wanda had some great pastries and espresso drink and their lunch menu looked great. They bake a wide variety of quiches, loaves of bread as well as pastries and cookies! Also, a wonderful idea if you are there in the afternoon, Happy Hour!

Happy Hour is still always the last hour of business, no matter what time we close. If there are any pastries or loaves of bread left from the morning bake you get them half-off! PLUS coffee drinks are half-off at happy hour, too!

They bake custom cakes and their cake menu is huge so check out their online menu.

While we have your attentionWorse movie ever!

The Wandas recently made the mistake of watching Strays. 1 out of 10 is too good a rating. Can we just use zero? Whatever Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher saw in making this loser of a film about stray dogs attempting to help a new stray go home is lost on Wanda. Must have been the money. It’s market is likely 13-20 year old boys and the drive-in crowd of teens on a weekend (yes we do have a drive-in still in Jefferson County for those reading this from afar). Could they really recoup the millions spent on this? Never say never. The F word is used, well in almost every sentence. And that’s the least offensive stuff. Dog sex, dog poop, nothing left to the imagination and a ridiculous ending… Not even Wanda’s dogs wanted to watch it, instead sleeping through the entire thing dreaming of barking at anyone walking down the street. Stay away from Strays.


  1. I would add Mehfil, a wonderful Indian restaurant with very unique flavors. The dishes we have tried there are different from all other Indian restaurants where we have eaten. I think the owner said the recipes are Punjabi.

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