JoAnne Tompkins

JoAnne Tompkins is the author of WHAT COMES AFTER, the 2022 winner of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize Runner-up in Fiction Award. WHAT COMES AFTER was a NY Times Editorial Board Selection & NY Times Group Text selection in April 2021. It was a finalist for the Washington State Book Award. Her personal essays, short fiction, interview & poetry explore the possibility of finding grace in life's darkest moments & have appeared in print and online journals such as LitHub, Writer in The World and High Country News. She lives in Port Townsend and continues to work as a writer and developmental editor.


So Long, Pygmy Kayaks

More than three decades ago, when guys like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were building technology companies that would change the world, another Ivy...

The lost commencement address by Tom Robbins

Photo of Tom Robbins by Dan Wallen. Used with permission of University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections MPH1272 When I was the editor of the...

The Insights of Tralfamadorians and Quakers

Port Townsend author JoAnne Tompkins's novel What Comes After was the winner of the 2022 Dayton Literary Peace Prize runner up in fiction award...

Managing Fishermen, Just for the Halibut

Sometime soon, halibut will return to tables from Port Townsend to Manhattan. It will be excellent fish, pearly white, never frozen, fresh off the...

Cherishing Our Actual Lives Beneath the Clouds

I lived most of my life in the Southwest, far from the upper left-hand corner of this country.  How did I encounter Mike O’Connor...