Leslie Aickin

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Leslie Aickin has lived in the Port Townsend area for over 40 years, enjoying her owner-built home on a meadow surrounded by fine neighbors and trees and deer and coyotes and birds and slugs. She also appreciates the friends, adventures, education, culture, and geology of her home ground.


Getting a Little Squirrely

Squirrels are fascinating, and we have 25 species of the Squirrel Family in our region, according to David Moskowitz’s Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest....

What is Fall for?

Fall is the downslope on the rollercoaster, an annual reminder of the many cycles in which we spend our lives. Whether it is the...

So Long, Pygmy Kayaks

More than three decades ago, when guys like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were building technology companies that would change the world, another Ivy...

It’s Easy Being Green — Even After Death

  Leslie Jocelyn Aickin   1947 ~ 2023   “She loved the Earth, and now the earth is loving her right back.”   Feature photo...

Garth Hudson’s PT Performance Remembered

An update from Charlie Bermant: I first published Garth Hudson’s address with encouragement to write him and then this address was picked up by...